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Skokie AYSO Return to Play Protocol

Field monitors will be at every field to handle procedures and enforce guidelines. Signage will be posted encouraging wearing masks, social distancing, and safe practices.

Player Arrival Procedures:
- Play was switched to Timber Ridge Park, 3705 Davis St, Skokie, IL 60076.  We are still determining where the check in desk will be located.
- Please line up at the check-in table, note ground markings that set off six feet.
- Players, Coaches, Referees and Administrators: Temperatures taken and logged on team rosters, must answer wellness questions
- Spectators must sign Spectator Log and answer wellness questions

- Sanitize equipment (ball, cones, goal posts) after each game
- All players must have a signed AYSO COVID-19 waiver to play (field monitors will collect waivers)
- No players will be admitted after activities start

Activity Limitations:
- Mostly non-scrimmage soccer activities that maintain 6ft between players and with masks mandatory
- No more than 15 minutes of scrimmage per session with masks strongly recommended

Player Safety Requirements: Players will not be allowed to play without all of the following:
- Shin guards
- Soccer cleats or gym shoes
- Own ball with name written on it
- Own water bottle with name written on it

Field Rules:
- No mixing of players or coaches between groups
- No sharing of pinnies, balls, or water bottles
- Everyone on sidelines, including players, must wear masks
- No more than 50 participants including players, coaches, referees and spectators
  * Additional spectators need to be > 30 feet away from the field

- Only essential spectators on the sidelines
- Social distancing on the sidelines, including players (six feet)
  * six feet from each other and six feet from the touch line
  * families in same household can sit together but still six feet from others
- Coach should be six feet from players. No huddles.
- No benches (e.g. no collapsible benches). Participants can bring chairs.
- No post-game handshakes.
- No group post-game snacks.

- No goal high fives, chest bumps, etc.
- Players & spectators must leave the field immediately after game ends
- Any post-game talks should be limited and social distanced
- Players that arrive early for next game must wait 30 feet from the game / field.
- Coaches are limited to coaching only their teams and substitutes are not allowed
- If referees are present, must wear masks and use non-blow whistles

We are making every effort to limit the kinds of contact that can spread coronavirus and COVID-19.  We need your help in reporting when any of the following occurs:
- A player or member of player's household tests positive for COVID-19
- A player or person who was at any AYSO activity comes in close contact with a person who tests positive for COVID-19
- A player or person who was at any AYSO activity feels ill or shows any symptoms of COVID-19
Report any of the above to [email protected]

Once reported to Skokie AYSO, the information you provide us will be shared among a limited group:
- Regional Child and Volunteer Protection Advocate (CVPA), Regional Commissioner, AYSO National Safe Haven, and Skokie Department of Public Health.  Note that a positive COVID-19 test of any Skokie resident will automatically be reported the Skokie Department of Public Health; we are not involved in that process.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Why do players have to wear masks while playing?  The State of Illinois protocol does not require this, and players may have difficulty breathing while playing with masks.
While it's true that the Illinois Phase 4 protocol does not mandate masks on players outdoors, Skokie AYSO has consulted with local health authorities regarding best practices and those recommendations go above and beyond the State guidelines.  We are offering a Skills-based program in the Fall and developing it to accommodate players social distancing and wearing masks.  There will be short scrimmages (~10 - 15 minutes) when masks are strongly recommended, but if players are having difficulty playing with a mask during the scrimmages, they will be allowed to take them off.

Doesn't sunlight prevent the spread of COVID-19?
It would be great if this were known to be true, but unfortunately health authorities do not have solid answers yet about the effect of sunlight on preventing the spread of COVID-19.  The World Health Organization says this about sunlight and COVID-19: "You can catch COVID-19, no matter how sunny or hot the weather is. Countries with hot weather have reported cases of COVID-19." (

I heard kids can't catch or spread COVID-19
Health officials do not have enough information at this time to say that is true.  It is known that children catch COVID-19 in smaller numbers than adults, but it is not known if this is due to environmental variables (not going to church, school, and the grocery store) or genetic variables.  Because so little is known right now, out of an abundance of caution we are implementing a protocol that limits or prevents direct contact between players.

How does limiting the scrimmage to less than 15 minutes help prevent spread?
We have consulted with local health officials and learned that preventing contact infection is as much about time as space.  For instance, the Skokie Health Department guidelines that define close contact say "Close contact is defined as being within 6 feet for at least 15 minutes of a person that tested positive for COVID-19." (Citation available upon request).  

So how do we know if a player has COVID-19?
We don't.  That's the point.

AYSO Guidance, Return to Play:

State of Illinois, Phase 4 Youth Sports Guidelines:

State of Illinois, Youth Recreational Sports Restrictions, Fall 2020:


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