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Volunteer Roles

AYSO is a family experience. As an AYSO volunteer, a parent gets to participate with their child and teach the values of giving back to the community. Sometimes it’s the whole family with parents, siblings and grandparents all getting in on the act.

Coaching and refereeing may be the most visible volunteer roles, but there are many ways to help a team or Region. Many volunteer roles require small amounts of time, but are very valuable to the kids. There is an AYSO volunteer opportunity for everyone.

Volunteering should be a fun and fulfilling experience for you. It’s a chance to learn something new, or an opportunity to use the skills you already have. Start out by finding a position or task that interests you. If it’s a little more of a time commitment than you can offer, find another parent who can share the responsibility.

If after looking at this list of AYSO volunteer jobs and tasks, you are still too busy to take on a volunteer position but want to help – ask around. Someone always needs help making copies, dropping off flyers to schools or manning a registration table for a couple of hours. There is always something you can offer to help your team or your Region.

Here are some roles that are important to the success of our Skokie Region.

Time commitment: 2-3 hrs/wk during season. A coach participates on game days, holds team practices, teaches game fundamentals to the players, and helps players develop good sportsmanship. Attends coach training, and weekly practices and games. You don’t need to have played soccer or know much about it in order to coach. Particularly at the lower levels, many coaches learn the game along with their kids.

Assistant Coach
Time commitment: 2-3 hrs/wk during season. The assistant coach assists the coach at practices and games and stands in for the coach when necessary. Attends coach training and weekly practices and games.  While playing under COVID-19 protocols;  Under the guidance and direction of a senior head coach, assist with planning and running the skills practice portion of the Sunday activities.  Requires approximately 3-4 hours of online training and 1 hour per week, spent on the field with your child(ren).

Time commitment: 1-3 hours on game day. The referee arbitrates games, helping players understand why an infraction or penalty is called. At younger levels, referees may show the proper way to do throw-ins, corner kicks, and goal kicks, etc. Attends referee training and one annual referee meeting.

Youth Referee
Same duties as referee. Youth referees are players or youth age 12 and up. Can use this experience to meet school community service requirements.

Team Parent
Time commitment: 1½ hrs/wk during season. The team parent coordinates the snack schedule and otherwise assists the coach and assistant coach, e.g., distributing uniforms, picking up trophies or picture orders, etc. 

Referee Administration
The region administrator is the liaison to the referees, is involved in recruiting new referees, organizes the fall division meeting; works with refs on training, game schedules, and other division tasks as necessary. Attends staff training, monthly board meeting, spring coach meeting, annual section meeting.

Team Formation
The Team Formation coordinator forms balanced teams for all the division.

Time commitment: 3-4 hours in during open registration. Tasks include:

  • Planning/preparation. Help prepare for annual registration, including making signs; preparing handouts; purchasing supplies, materials, and equipment; distributing publicity; and recruiting or coordinating volunteers.
  • Registration Day. Assist at annual registration, late registration or wait list registration, e.g., greet parents, distribute forms, check information, process fees, sort and organize forms.
  • Post-registration work. Assist with follow ups as needed; prepare forms for database entry; manage records.
Field Monitors (While playing under COVID-19 Protocols)
Check in players, spectators, and coaches prior to the start of activities.  Field monitors then go to the field to watch their child(ren) play, while keeping an eye out for mask and social distancing compliance.  We generally do not have an issue with compliance.  Requires approximately 3 hours of online training and 15 minutes per week, and you still get to watch your kid(s) play.

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